James Damore's Jerry Maguire Moment

Should Google Have Fired James Damore for His Echo Chamber Memo?

IfyousomehowmissedthebrouhahacausedbyGoogleEngineerJamesDamore’sEchoChamberMemo, you are living under a rock. Google’s CEO cut his vacation short to address the maelstrom, and Even Anita Hill has come out of the woodwork to encourage women to sue their tech employers. Google’s decision to fire Damore over the Echo Chamber Memo (linked in its entirety here) raises plenty of questions, but […]


New DOL Rules Prevent Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Transgender Status

The United States DOL has updated its sex discrimination rules for businesses earning more than $10,000 annually through federal contracts.  The new rule will be published on June 15, 2016, and will take effect August 14, 2016. A link to the final rule can be found here: Final Rule. The rule is meant to bring […]